Changes Make Dani's World Go Round

Holy wow... big changes of which to speak.

I got a new laptop *glee* which I call Kurosoku (yes, I name my computers). However, I have now discovered that either my last laptop was too dark, or this one is too light, because the internet is now a much brighter place. And my old comics are ugly. They will likely be redone or deleted... at least the first two. >.<
I'm also taking Creative Writing II this quarter, and thus being forced to get back in a writing mood, which is very good for this comic.
The fact that I also got a wacom tablet when I got my computer doesn't hurt, either. I think I might asplode with pure and untainted joy, except then I can't make use of my laptop or my tablet. So I think I'll rein myself in.

Muwah... Yah, I think that's all. Thanks for reading, if you actually bothered! =3

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