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Alex's family is moving yet again; but this time he's moving to the town where his only friends, those he has met online, live in. He's thrilled... until he finally meets them and they decide he looks strikingly female. As a result, he ends up on the badside of a bet to see if he can fool the world into thinking that he's a girl for an entire year, with a rich friend's allowance and what's left of his dignity on the line. Warning: There's use of profanity. Just a heads up. Yep. Also, it reads from left to right. Author's Note: You might want to take note that this is an experiment on my part, and is mostly to develop my art/comic-making skills. I like constructive criticism. Appreciate it, even.


I'm going to be leaving for two weeks starting this Saturday, so no updates. Unless I develop a way to do it with my mind.

So yeah, no updates.

Extras Page is No Longer Empty

That's pretty much it. I used that silly page for chrysalis-related pictures. Ya'll should go give it a look.

New Stuff

I decided that instead of making a thank you picture for the 60+ faves and numerous comments, I'd revamp the site a little bit. So consider the new masthead, whatever you call the little ad bar, and perhaps even the background - if you want to count it - as "thank you" pictures. =3

In other news, I turned 18 on June 10th, and got my first job about three days later. This job involves a 12 hour night shift (from 6 pm to 6 am) three days a week, so don't expect any comics on Monday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Yep. That's about it. Thanks for reading if you bothered.

Changes Make Dani's World Go Round

Holy wow... big changes of which to speak.

I got a new laptop *glee* which I call Kurosoku (yes, I name my computers). However, I have now discovered that either my last laptop was too dark, or this one is too light, because the internet is now a much brighter place. And my old comics are ugly. They will likely be redone or deleted... at least the first two. >.<
I'm also taking Creative Writing II this quarter, and thus being forced to get back in a writing mood, which is very good for this comic.
The fact that I also got a wacom tablet when I got my computer doesn't hurt, either. I think I might asplode with pure and untainted joy, except then I can't make use of my laptop or my tablet. So I think I'll rein myself in.

Muwah... Yah, I think that's all. Thanks for reading, if you actually bothered! =3

Under Construction! >.<

If you are wondering why the site looks like crap right now... Well, either I just suck or it might be the fact that I'm playing with the css/html/whatever it happens to be. And by playing, I mean delicately operating on it with the precision of a level 2 human Barbarian armed with an orc battle axe and moonboots. It's an awkward combination, to say the least.

If it doesn't look like crap, either I've succeeded, or, the more likely scenario, I've given up.

Uwah... New at this

Hah! I added an 'add to favorites' link thing! Why am I so excited about such a seemingly simple thing? Do you care? Well, I'll tell you anyways! Because I'm obtuse and couldn't figure it out for half an hour. And there was nothing in the help forum that... well, helped. In any case, thank you Kup-chan for telling me about the lack of a favorites link, 'cause I totally didn't notice, and would like have gone without one for... who knows how long. Thankyou~! >,<

Now back to work. *toddles off* Tschus, alle!

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